Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Hard Candy Nail Polish

I have been waiting very patiently for the new Hard Candy line to come out in Walmart stores. This polish is so darn cute. I went to Walmart this morning and looked for this polish and it had not been set out on display yet, but I did see boxes by the Hard Candy makeup. I had asked the lady when they will be setting out the new polish and she said she was focused on another isle at the moment. So she looked through the boxes to see if the Nail Polish was in there and what do you know It was. So I had to ask if I can go through the box and find the polish I wanted. She was so sweet and told me to go right ahead. That made it that much more fun. I opened every little nail polish box to find the polishes I wanted. Call me impatient but I had been waiting long enough. All this talk about the new Hard Candy Line, I was ready to get my hands on them. Each polish cost $4.00 each which is a great price. It was worth the wait. I bought 8 different colors . Here are all the colors I bought. There is a total of 40 different colors in this new Hard Candy Polish Line. Alot to choose from.

These are all beautiful colors and these above all all 8 swatches of the nail polish. The picture really dosent do the polish any justice. The polish looks even more beautiful up close.
Which Polish is your favorite? Have you tried out the new Hard Candy polish yet?


  1. Those look amazing! I have not seen them at my walmart so I'll need to try a few others because I want the pixie one <3 Thanks for showing!


  2. The piece of papaya one looks so prettyfull! I must go get some SOON! Hopefully my Walmart in Baytown has them!

  3. Looking forward to picking some of these up - I really like the sprinkles ones