Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goody QuikStyle

 Goody QuickStyle Brush

Thanks to Influenster for complementary sending me my Goody QuickStyle Hair brush for reviewing and testing  purposes from their Vox Box program. I love Influenster. Its alot of fun.

 Thank you everyone for joining me on my blog. I would just like to tell all of you information on the Goody QuickStyle Hair brush. Im sure you have seen this brush in the stores. If you have not, I know this brush looks a little odd and different from the brushes you currently use. I have some tips and information to share with you all to help you make sense of this unique brush.

First of all this brush cost $12.99 at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens.The GOODY® QUIKSTYLE™ Paddle brush works like a towel and brush in one. The super absorbent (and antimicrobial) microfiber removes 30% of water from wet hair to help speed your drying time! You can effortlessly detangle right out of the shower and continue using it while you blow dry! Sounds great dont it?

I recommend using this brush as soon as you get out of the shower. It really cuts down your blow drying time. I have the Half rounded one but there is also a  Paddle brush. Two different brushes to choose from.

The holes in the brush allow the brush to breath and dry so bacteria wont form

 If you would like to check out the websites and find more information on this brush or you would like to purchase it just or learn more about this brush click on the website links below:


My Goody QuickStyle Brush sent from Influenster

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