Monday, December 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Review

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Today I have 2 stamping plates from Born Pretty Store to share with you. I have ordered a few of their plates before and really loved them.I was so excited that I was able to choose two plates of my choice to review.Lets take a look at which plates I have chosen below.


The mani above I used plate BP-21. I used 2 images on this plate to complete this look. Now this look is not how I pictured it in my mind. I thought it was going to be pretty but it turned out pretty ugly.Oh well.
What I did was applied dots of wait paint all over my nails.Then I got a tooth pick and drew lines through the dots. On my middle finger I double stamped with an image with Mundo de Unas stamping polishes.I also doubled stamped my ring finger.

This mani was also created using an image from BP-21.This mani was created using the saran wrap technique. I applied a white base and lightly placed many dots of red,green and white onto my nails.Then placed saran wrap over my nails and carefully pulled off the saran wrap.When that was dry I stamped over it and applied a top coat.This one I actually love. It turned out beautiful. 

Polishes that were used on both manis....

  • SinfulColors/Ruby Ruby
  • Zoya/Livingston
  • SinfulColors/Envy
  • Zoya/Trixie
  • Zoya/Ivanka
  • Sally Hansen/OMGhost
  • Konad/Black
  • Mundo de Unas/12 Cream
  • Mundo de Unas/Green


This mani I LOVE! I used two images from BP-08.I did not have any issues with the image plate at all.I actually used one image 3 times on my ring finger and it looks amazing!!!I used a yellow stamping polish and I was so worried that yellow over red would look odd,I was so wrong. It turned out fabulous!!

Polishes that were used.....

  • Rain City Lacquer/Athena
  • Mundo de Unas/43 Papyrus

For more information on these plates be sure to follow Born Pretty Store on all of their social media sites.The links are posted for you below.For a 10% off of your order use code JEFH10!!
What do you think of these plates?Which mani was your favorite?

Thanks for Reading!!!
Stay Polished!!


  1. I LOVE that saran wrap red/green/white/black mani! Such a gorgeous look!

  2. These designs are so pretty - I just ordered a few BP stamping plates. This is making me really excited for them!

  3. Those plates are gorgeous. Love the 2nd mani best. :)

  4. That saran wrap mani is's so vivid and bold! I'm not a stamper because I'm terrible at it but I love seeing your stamping!

  5. I really love both plates! And you're right, the last mani is gorgeous!

  6. I love that last look, it is so beautiful!

  7. Oh, you doube stamped! I have the same plate (BP-21) and will definitely use that wavy image to double stamp since I am obsessed with double stamping. The yellow polish looks great against the red base I think :).

  8. I adore the second mani! That just looks amazing!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! I have the same stamping plates and you've given me tons of inspiration! And I love how you made them christmassy :D

  10. I love all of these looks!! The last design is definitely my favorite though! The polish and stamp are beautiful!

  11. The flowers one is gorgeous and I think the yellow was a good choice! I think because it's a paler yellow that it works well. :)