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Philly Loves Lacquer's Gloss48 Exclusives

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I wanted to start off by asking how your week is going? It still feels like Monday to me.I guess that's not such a bad thing,time going by slow and all.As we all get older time does fly by so having a slow week can be a blessing.I have 3 kids so time usually goes by extremely fast.Before I know it my children will be 18 years old and I will be almost 40. Noooooooooooo!!!!
On a more positive note I have another Gloss48 Exclusive for you.The exclusives that I'm about to share with you are made by Philly Loves Lacquer.The Gloss48/PhLL event will start today September 10th at 11am EST until September 17th. 6 exclusive colors were created for this event,each one designed by a member of the Gloss48 team.They will be sold at an introductory price of $10, and shipping is flat $5.95 for orders up to $50,after that it's free shipping.After the 17th of September the polish will remain in the Gloss48 marketplace for around $12.
Lets take a look at these beauties below!

'Rocky Scintillations'by Mara of Gloss48

Quote by Mara:
I love grey- there is something about this velvety hue that makes it intoxicatingly smoky, sultry and divine. My bedroom has fallen victim to my obsession.  I am always rocking a little bit of grey and I am never afraid to spice things up and add my own “accent” to a look. Rocky Scintillations embodies that dark and sassy grey with subtle glistening hints of rich purple.  It is the perfect amount of edge that compliments a feminine flare.

This is a medium to light grey cream polish with violet glass flecks and shimmer.I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.The formula applied perfectly smooth onto my nails with no drying issues.This color does put off a slight purple hue making this color that much more unique.This nail polish is actually one of my favorites out of the 6 exclusives.I love cream polishes!

'Bold Whispers' by Kellie of Gloss48

Quote from Kellie:
Although you won't see me snuggled up near a bonfire on a chilly fall night, encapsulated in the aroma of crunchy leaves and smoldering wood, you might catch me elegantly hopping through a field of flowers on a fresh spring day while holding a bouquet of peonies. Excuse me, white peonies with the slightest hint of pink, that is. I am fairly obsessed with white (with just a hint of pink hue) b/c to me, it symbolizes femininity (imagine white lace), boldness (think white brick walls), elegance(hello white chandeliers), and most of all ... Perfection (have you seen an all-white room?!). White with the slightest tinge of pink captures everything a woman is and should be: chic, powerful, and at the same time--delicate.

This is a sheer white crelly with pink/red shimmer.It's made to be layered but I tried to layer this polish over other colors and it gave the colors a milky uneven finish.Layering this over another color did make the pink/red shimmer pop but as I said above the finish was milky uneven.
I did decide to layer 2 coats of Bold Whispers over 1 coat of white.I do prefer it over white because there is not a milky finish. Unfortunately you can't see the beautiful shimmer in my photos but in person it really pops.You can also wear this polish solo!
'Annoying Orange' by Jill of Gloss48

Quote by Jill:
I wanted the perfect burnt orange nail polish ever since I saw a model rocking a pair of burnt orange soft pants. Soft pants are my obsession, but I knew this particular cut wouldn’t work for me so I chose to mourn the loss of this pair by wearing the color on my nails instead. I named it Annoying Orange after my kids’ favorite TV show, but let’s be real, this shade is anything but annoying.

This is a beautiful bright orangy-red cream polish with a subtle linear holo,and large gold holo geometric pigment.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.The formula was of course amazing and the color in my opinion is SO FAB!This shade is another one of my favorites from the exclusives.

'Song Stuck In My Head' by Guisell of Gloss48

Quote by Guisell:
Well, on a daily basis when I wake up there is always a little beat of a song in my mind, and it doesn't stop there, it last ALL DAY. Maybe that DJ phase I had affected my brain. The color I would like to design is a Rose Gold hue in the name of those golden hits of my past, thinking and listening to those songs inside my head brings me to happy places.  What's the song stuck in your head?

This is a rosy pink crelly with a gold flash and gold shimmer.
I applied 3 light coat and a top coat.This color is a sheer,soft but feminine shade.I didn't have any issues with the formula or dry time.

'Center Of Attention' by Laura of Gloss48

Quote by Laura:
My shade is cobalt blue with an iridescent purple holo.  I grew up as a middle child and became an expert at becoming the center of attention.  This shade is reminiscent of the glorious dress that I chose for Bar/Bat Mitzvah season when I was 13 - black on top (shoulder pads - obvi), a-symmetric waist, poufy, iridescent skirt, and finished with a flower made from the same iridescent material and a big, chunky rhinestone as the centerpiece. There was nothing subtle about this dress - or my personality.

This is a linear holo that shifts from blue to purple.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This shade is just spectacular!! I love how it shifts and sparkles all at once.The formula and dry time are both amazing.No issues to report whatsoever.This is also another one of my favorites!!!!

'Autumn Soiree' by Brittany at Gloss48

Quote by Brittany:
I am a total autumn lover, and when I was designing this polish I imagined myself sharing a crisp bottle of Chianti with friends, snuggled up near a bonfire on a chilly fall night, encapsulated in the aroma of crunchy leaves and smoldering wood. I wanted a burgundy that was more ruby red than brown--and one that had a little bit of copper shimmer to it, as if I were to hold my wine glass up to the fire to see the flames flickering and sparkling through the vivid crimson. So, I went with a striking berry red with a subtle copper shimmer only visible in certain lights. It's truly the perfect fall shade! 

This is a deep berry jelly with a red and gold shimmer.I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.

This polish is actually a tad darker than my photos put off,sorry about that.Lighting can be your worse enemy sometimes.It is a beautiful shade although it,s somewhat sheer.

These exclusive shade will only be available for purchase over at Gloss48. Today,September 10th at 11am EST is the expected time for the launch.They will be sold at an introductory price of $10, and shipping is flat $5.95 for orders up to $50,after that it's free shipping.After the 17th of September the polish will remain in the Gloss48 marketplace for around $12.

What do you think about these Gloss48 exclusives? Is there any in particular you have to have?

For more information on these exclusives be sure to check out Philly Loves Lacquer and Gloss48 social media sites. The links are posted for you below!!

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