Monday, November 11, 2013

The Devil Wears Polish Review

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Today I am feeling under the weather. I have a very bad cold. (Curse this weather change!) I do have some good news that brightens my day and takes my mind of this horrible feeling I have. I have reviewed some new and some not yet released lacquers by "The Devil Wears Polish". As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of her creations. Tami is a genius at creating holographic jaw-dropping pretties. Ready to take a look? (Warning!Photo Overload) Here we go!

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This is called "No`2
This is a unique holographic polish. It is actually a Linear Ultra Chrome (LUC). This baby shifts from Blue to Red with different motions of your hands in different lighting.I applied 2 coats. This color is one of 3 being sold. At the moment they are being sold together as a trio and individually.I was extremely excited when I saw a post on The Devil Wears Polish's Facebook page with a photo of this new color/holo she had created. I follow a lot of indie makers and I have never seen anything like this created. The trio is Limited Edition, so if you want them you better get them before they are all gone. I ordered the trio myself. Hey, I'm no fool. I know a good product when I see one. LUC's really bling out in the sun, it might just take your breath away.

This is called "Tequila Sunrise"
This is a Linear Super Chrome (LSC). This shifts from a peachy nude to a pinkish color.I applied 3 light coats.What makes a linear super chrome you ask? This happens when Spectraflair + true chameleon pigments combine and have babies. This is the first series of the LSC's but there will be more colors coming soon in the near future. This is just the perfect color.This is like getting 2 polishes in one. It glistens and shifts what else could a gal ask for?

This is called "Little Soldier Boy"
This is a navy blue crelly. Im not sure if it's so much navy as it seems to have a aqua blue look to it.I guess it just depends on the lighting .This polish is like a jelly and cream combined. It has a natural shine so no top coat is needed. I applied 3 coats to get it completely opaque. This color is not yet released so keep an eye out for it. It will be releasing soon. I absolutely love polish that shines on its own. It saves me a ton of time and top coat.

This is called "Blood Shot"
This is a true red with golden shimmer blended perfectly into the formula. I applied 3 coats. This formula is not streaky at all but as you can see, one of my fingers has a streak but let me assure you this was caused by the brush from the mini bottle I had. The formula was a breeze to work with. I had no issues with the polish being to thick or to thin. I did use a top coat. This is an unreleased color but could be released sometime soon.

Like what you see? Check out The Devil Wears Polish Facebook page for future updates and sales. Trust me,once you stop by her shop you will wont be able to resist not making a purchase. I tell you from experience, I have almost every single one of her holographic polishes and I will not stop till I have them all.

Have you made a purchase from The Devil Wears Polish? What colors do you have or better yet, what color's have you been eye-balling?

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