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Daphine Polish/Holiday Collection

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Having a great week? I hope so! If you are following me on Facebook you may of read that I had chipped my nail. Well...I had to file all my nails down, WAY down . LOL This is the first time this has happened to me since I have been swatching polish.I am thankful I was able to save what nails I had. It could have been worse. On a brighter note I had the privilege of trying out Daphine Polish's new Holiday Collection and I tell you this, when swatching her new collection I didn't even care about my nail fiasco anymore. This collection looks amazing and more amazing on my nails.This collection has 5 glitter toppers and 5 holos. The Holiday Collection will be available in the shop on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day! This is a collection to get excited about. Im so excited to show it to you. Are you ready? Lets take a look!!!!
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"Rudolph's Nose"
This has Red metallic, matte, and holographic glitters with green iridescent glitter in a clear base.Shiny and bright just like Rudolph’s nose, this glitter topper could light the way anywhere. I applied 1 coat of this beautiful glitter topper over 1 coat of Essie/Good as Gold. You can't go wrong with combining gold with red during the Holidays, it's perfect!

"Golden Ring"
This is a bright golden yellow polish with subtle scatter holographic effect.This polish represents the gold rings from the 5th day of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. I applied 2 light coats. This polish has tiny particles in it that felt bumpy after it dried BUT I let Joanne know and she is going to be mixing the released batches differently to prevent the bumps other than that this polish is GORGEOUS! It's the most beautiful golden yellow holographic polish I have ever seen.

"Christmas in a Bottle"
This polish has green and red matte glitter, gold holographic glitter, silver holographic micro glitter, and gold holo stars in a clear base.It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is - Christmas, in a bottle! All you need to complete the scene is the smell of pine and presents under a tree. I applied 1 coat of Christmas in a Bottle over 2 coats of Julep/Laura. I picked Julep/Laura because I was going for the Christmas tree look. It's the perfect green and with "Christmas in a Bottle" added over it, it looks like a perfectly decorated Christmas tree.

This is a red loose linear holographic polish. The Poinsettia is a bright red flower has been associated with the Christmas season since the 16th century.I think Joanne of Daphine Polish did a great job with perfectly matching this color to the Poinsettia. It's flawless. I applied 2 light coats.

"Rosina Violet"
This has multitudes of pink glitters with pink shimmer in a clear base. Violets are hardy plants that produce flowers even in winter. The Rosina violet is a lovely delicate pink flower, reminiscent of the glitters found in this polish. I applied 1 coat of "Rosina Violet" over 2 coats of SinfulColors/Go Glossy.

"Midnight Snowfall"
This is a royal blue linear holographic polish. Joanne of Daphine Polish says..."While I can’t say I’ve seen this in the city, at home in the suburbs when it is snowing at night and you look out the window, the world is a dark black and blue glimmery wonderland". I applied 2 light coats. This is truly a nice color to be worn during the winter holidays.

This glitter topper has many shapes of white glitters with iridescent hexes, squares and bars in a clear base.
I love how this polish looks just like snow on my nails!!! I am in love with this look and dreaded taking this off :( I applied 1 coat of "Frosty" over 1 coat of SinfulColors/Why Not. Dosn't this look sooooooo gorgeous?!? Who wouldn't want Frosty in a bottle?

This is a lovely purple linear holographic polish. Naming contest winner came up with this name. I think the name fits in perfectly with Daphine Polish's Holiday collection. Lovely name and very clever. I applied 2 light coats.

This is a glitter tipper with metallic, matte, and holographic blue glitter, metallic silver glitter, and silver holographic diamonds with gold shimmer in a clear base.
Joanne of Daphine Polish says...."Having worked several holiday seasons in retail, I am not a big fan of Christmas music (being forced to listen to five different versions of Feliz Navidad for six weeks straight is not healthy for even a Christmas music lover). The soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas is always on in the background at my annual Christmas get togethers my high school friends and I have, and it’s the only holiday music I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. “Skating” is a lovely little instrumental from the soundtrack, and it makes me think of a clear ice blue pond with dainty figure skaters dashing about". I applied 1 coat of "Skating" over 1 coat of Julep/Julianna...the perfect combo if you ask me.

"Blue Spruce"
This is a forest green loose linear holographic polish. I applied 2 light coats. This green is one I don't have but I will be constantly using it. It is unique and I can't get enough of this color. It reminds me of pine trees.
Joanne says....."I know, it’s a green polish with “Blue” in it’s name. But this polish was named after the type of pine tree that is often used as a Christmas tree. It’s also a reference to one of my favorite movies, “While You Were Sleeping”. As Sandra Bullock attempts to haul a Christmas tree up the side of her apartment building she exclaims “I should have gotten the blue spruce, they’re lighter.”

Overall I find this Holiday Collection to be absolutely wondrous and perfectly fitting for this winter holiday season. If this collection does not put you in the holiday spirit I really don't know what will. Follow Daphine Polish below. What did you think of this collection??

The Holiday Collection will be available in the shop on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day!
**Disclosure** Daphine Polish sent me the products to review and enjoy
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