Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wingin It Lacquer Swatches and Review

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 Its another rainy day here on my side of town. Gloomy but somewhat relaxing, a perfect day to play around with nail polish But isn't everyday? lol
Today I will be showing you some new lacquer colors from Wingin' It Lacquer. The polish is a 3 free hand mixed and handmade formula. 
**Disclaimer**I was sent this polish by Wingin' It Lacquer for reviewing purposes for my honest review and feedback.
***Note*** Some of the colors may not be posted in her shop. Check her Facebook page for further updates.
From left to right are the colors......
Fiona, Burning Leaves, Nice Uh.......Watermelons..
and Falling Leaves
This is Burning Leaves
It is Copper color with a lot of golden shimmer. This color is my absolute favorite. If this color doesn't say FALL I dont know what color does. This color is perfect..perfect for the Fall season. I applied 3 coats to make it completely opaque which is great. The formula was amazing and so easy to apply. This is one of her newest colors and as of right now I do not see it posted in her shop.

This is called Nice Uh.......Watermelons..
This is a perfectly Pink base with micro iridescent flakes. It truly is the perfect Pink. I did have to apply 4 coats to get it opaque. If it took less coating I would be in head over heals in love. I really like this shade cant you tell. Hahaha This also is a new color. I dont see this color in her shop yet so be sure to check out her Facebook page for details.

This is called Falling Leaves
Another PERFECT jelly glitter for the Fall season.
This glitter topper has a slight yellow tint to it and has red and orange flakes and hexes. It can be used by itself and it will have a sheer yellow color to it. You could apply a yellow base color to your nails then apply Falling Leaves over it if you prefer an opaque look. I applied 1 coat of Falling Leaves over 2 coats of Julep/Ingrid. This topper screams Fall don't it? This color puts me in the mood for Thanksgiving, Halloween ect. All I know is that Im ready to jump in some leaves. That may sound corny but Hey its true. Hahaha This is available to purchase and is listed. You can purchase this for $9.00

This color is called is Fiona
This is a light Green base with multiple colors and shaped glitter . I applied only 2 coats. This polish is a tad thick so a little goes along way. I also did have to use a top coat. I used G&G HK Girl top coat. This is not yet in Wingin' It Lacquer's shop.

With all that being said I couldn't be more ready Fall. Its almost here. Wahoo!!
Which colors were your favorite? I really loved Burning Leaves. Its such a beautiful color and so shiny.

Want to check up and check out these colors for yourself???

Wingin' It Lacquer Facebook Page HERE
Wingin' It Lacquer ESTY SHOP
Wingin' It Lacquer BIGCARTEL

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  1. Beautiful nails and swatches as usual.

    Nice watermelons - Haha! I love the polish and name!

  2. wow you did great job , loved the color of this polish .. i absolutely love this brand of indie
    today i reviewed about 6 of them on my blog here,I hope you would enjoy this post of fun interview with the creator :
    i love all of them but my next on the list is surely going to be "fiona".. lovely review , getting added to your blog , hope to see you on my blog too :)