Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer Review

Hello and Welcome!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. For myself I had a blast. I went fishing with some family and friends and my son caught his first shark. He actually caught 2 sharks but Hey who's counting lol. Im proud of him.

Anyway I have some beautiful polishes made by Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer to show you. I had alot of fun with these beauties and the names of them bring me back to my childhood. I just miss those days don't you?
There is 2 different sizes of polish you can purchase from her shop. There is 15ml bottles that you can purchase for $8.50 and 5ml bottles that can be purchased for $4.50. If you  are looking for discounts or great giveaways be sure to check out Me.Lissa's Facebook Page 
Lets take a look at what I was sent to review.
(NOTE: I did not purchase these products, they were sent to me for reviewing purposes. Everything stated are my opinions and mine only.)
The names of these beauties from left to right are....
Oh Cruella, Haha Harley, 101 Spots, Colors of the Wind and 
Back to School Rocks
I absolutely LOVE this polish. This is called Colors of the Wind.
This is a custom polish based on the Disney movie Pocahontas. There is a song on that movie called Colors of the Wind. That is where the name of this polish came from.
  (Now the song is stuck in my head as we speak lol)
This polish has a mix of multiple sizes of iridescent hexes and squares in a clear base. The glitters flash between purple, green. pink.orange ect. It is truly stunning, I recommend applying this glitter topper over darker colors.
I applied 1 coat of Colors of the Wind over 2 coats of Picture Polish/Mad Magenta
It just looks amazing!!!!!
This polish is called Oh Cruella
This polish is a custom based on the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. This glitter topper has a mix of red and white and matte black hexes and squares . It also has red and white circular glitter because we all know that Cruella loves those spots!!!!
I applied 1 coat of Of Cruella over 2 coats of Zoya/Trixie
This polish is called 101 Spots
This is a black and white Dalmatian custom polish. This polish is so cool. It was made to look a Dalmatian's coat. It has different sizes of white and black "spotted" glitter. The dot and hex glitter come in all sizes.
I applied 1 coat of 101 Spots over 2 coats Picture Polish/Sky
This combination looks Amazing together. Just Perfecto!
This is called Haha Harley
This polish is a part of the Comic Book Nerd Collection. This is inspired by the Joker Loving,DC super villain. I know there is some Batman fans out there!!! I grew up watching Batman so of course I am a huge fan. In this polish there is red, white and black bars, hexes, squares and diamond shaped glitter.
I applied 1 coat of Haha Harley over 2 coats of Zoya/Ginger
This was easy to apply. There is the perfect amount of bar glitter.I had no issues with the bar glitter curling up
This is called Back to School Rocks and it is a part of the 
Rebel without a Cause Collection.
This special polish has a mixture of 18 different glitters. YES 18!!! Holy Cow.The colors in this polish ranges from black, pink, neon green, pale yellow ect. This is a light baby blue crelly. This is just MIND BLOWING to me. I love all the colors and mixtures of shapes. Half of all the profits from the sale of this polish will be donated to Friends and Helpers, which helps abused women and children. This will support their Back-To-School programs.
*Please do not use coupon codes for this polish*
I only used 2 coats of Back to School Rocks. No undies and I applied a top coat.
If you love neon glitter you will fall in love with this polish.

That is it for now!! I hope you enjoyed staring at all of these beautiful creations as much as I do. 
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Thank you for Reading!!
Ya'll Come Back!!

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