Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jellie Polish Review

Hello all my Lacquerestas!!!! 
Today I have 2 Beautiful polishes from Jellie Polish.
Jellie Polish is a New and Upcoming, Fast Rising indie polish company.
She is not yet selling any polish of hers at the  moment, as she is just getting started.
Nadia hand makes the polish herself and does a wonderful job at doing so. She is literally the sweetest person I have talked to yet and I believe once her polish hits the market they will sell out quickly.
Lets take a look at the gorgeous polish she sent me to review for her. I have tons of pictures to show you. Now gather yourself this make take a while.
(Thats a good thing by the way ;) )
The two polishes above from left to right are called:
Mermaid and Snow Ice
The Famous Micro Shot
I applied 3 coats with top coat
This polish is opaque at 2 coats
The formula was not thick or tacky at all. It was smooth and easy to apply.
This color to me is a minty sky blue color with all different sizes of hex glitter

I did a mixture of stamps over Snow Ice just to switch things up a bit, and in my opinion it turned out real nice.

This is called Mermaid
I used 3 coats with a top coat over it. 
The formula with this was not thick or tacky either. It was easy to apply with no clumps.
This is a glitter bomb that can be used as a top coat or a full coverage glitter.
It has a clear base and has multiple colored hexes scattered around.
I used 3 coats to make it opaque. 

Here in this photo I used some nail art tape and applied some strips to make this unique look. I applied a silver polish over the tape then pulled the tape off easily.

I hope you have enjoyed my tons of swatches. You may now go rest your eyes. LOL
I have a even better idea before you rest, I  really really think you should go check out Jellie Polish's Facebook page first.
You can see what polish she has created AND see what she comes up with next.
If you have any questions about her polish just send her a message . She will get back with you quickly. Don't be hesitant to ask because she is the sweetest.

Thank you all for reading !

Jellie Polish Facebook Page


  1. Yes to snow ice! Looks really RICH! Love the nail arts as well.
    P.S: Did you know that your blog makes people type the captcha words every time they comment? Lol.. I hate those captchas and I have hard time figuring out the words, so if you can please take it off, it'll make commenting easier. I wanted to go on a commenting spree on your blog but the captchas are putting a dent in my commenting fun. Hahaha...
    If you check under "comment settings" on your blogger dashboard, you'll see how to take it off. Except if you don't want it off, then I understand :-)

    1. I had no idea. Thank you for informing me Lizzy. I think I took the captions off now lol Sorry about that and thank you for all the wonderful comments :)