Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Winnings from WingDust Collections!!!

I have been really really busy but I have been meaning to catch up on posts about the polish I have won in giveaways. Today I have a polish from WingDust Collections that I won in one of her giveaways. The contest was whoever wrote down the name of a a certain polish she posted first won that polish. She was really generous and picked 3 winners because our answers were so close on time. I was one of the 3!
The polish we had to guess the name of is called Crazy On You.
I do not see this polish in her shop at the moment so you might have to wait for her to restock or you could shoot her a message.
Lets take a look at some of the swatches!
This is Crazy On You.
It is  dark blue with a gray base jelly polish with assorted colors of glitters. The shapes are multiple sizes of Hex's from medium to micro.
I applied 2 coats with no undies
To make it more opaque you would need to layer Crazy On You over Black or dark Blue.

Matte Top Coat

This is not my first polish from her collection and from my experience her polish is beyond amazing.

Here is another polish I purchased from her back in May.
Its called Guilty Pleasures 
This polish has Gold and Silver Flakes along with Blue Flakes
This polish is a top coat . I recommend applying it over darker colors.
I used 1 coat and applied it over SinfulColors/Black On Black

You can find out more info on her polish at her
& Purchase from her

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