Monday, June 3, 2013

ellagee Handcafted Nail Polish Review

 Its just another Manic Monday!!!! With that being said I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend. Today I bring you beautiful Holographic polish by ellagee .
Laura the owner of ellagee sent me the polish free to review. She is always creating new colors . She moves at a fast pace to please her fans and buyers and always amazes me with all the stunning color she comes up with. She always has flash sales going on where you can snag the color you want for only $6. Her full size bottles are 12ml and she also has mini bottles that are 6ml.  Its really fun to see what she comes up with next.

Today I will be showing you 3 beautiful Holos. So lets get started!!
The colors in this picture are:
Rainbows All Over Your Blues, It's Gas Gas Gas & Lucy In The Sky
I did not apply any top coat on any of the polish
Here is what the colors look like up close. From left to right we have:
It's Gas Gas Gas, Lucy In The Sky &Rainbows All Over Blues

This is It's Gas Gas Gas
I used 2 coats but 1 coat is also full coverage
This polish is from the Moondust Holo  Collection.
The formula was so wonderful to work with. Its real smooth and drys fairly fast
Here is a sun shot. The holo does pop in the sun

This is called: Lucy In The Sky
Its more of a silver colored holo
I applied 3 coats to get full coverage
This color has small silver or chrome glitter added in the formula along with the holo
The Sun Shot!
This looks so pretty in the sun
I love it
Its from the Moondust Holo Collection
This is Rainbows All Over Your Blues
Its a Navy blue color
This is also from the Moondust Holo Collection
I applied only 2 coats
This formula is very smooth as well
I have actually never had any problems with ellagee's formula from any of her polish so far.
The Sun Shot!

I love all the colors I got to try out. I really enjoyed this review. I hope you all loved the colors as much as I did. Which color is your favorite. I would have to say that 
It's Gas Gas Gas is my favorite right now.

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Thank you for reading!!!!


  1. I have these 3 too! I can't wait to try them! Thank you for the review and the pics showing how many coats of each!

  2. Thanks so much! They look beautiful on your awesome nails! <3