Tuesday, March 12, 2013

THE NEW JulieG Frosted GumDrop Polish Line

 I am so excited to share what I received in the mail Monday. This is the new line of polish  and its called .. JulieG  Frosted Gum Drop collection . I pre-ordered it from Jessie Girl Cosmetics website. I also got some amazing surprises in my box.It came with some Pedicure toe spacers that are heart shaped and 27 samples of Eye Dust of assorted colors. What a great surprise. I was so happy. That made my day for sure. I got the whole collection for only $20.01 with free shipping and the surprise gift inside.  

 These limited edition polishes are textured. They are very popular this season. It has very pretty glitter in the polish which makes it glisten and shine. To remove this polish is very easy. Just get a cotton ball and polish remover and it wipes away clean. I know that alot of people have issues with removing polish that contains glitter but these polishes I had no issues with removing. They do live up to their name for sure because once you let the polish dry the polish looks like Gum Drops. They are gorgeous and affordable. They are 10ml and is fast drying and cost about $3.99 a bottle. They will be out in Rite Aids soon so keep your eyes open. You can also buy them on her website. I will post a link below. There is 6 beautiful colors. The only color that I think is missing from this collection that I would loved to have is Green. Below I will post what the colors of the polishes are called. I know you will love them. I used 2 coats of polish to get a perfect Gum Drop look.

Blueberry Fizz-70159

Tangerine Dream-70157

Rock Candy-70158

Sugar Rush-70156

Crushed Candy-70160

Hot Cinnamon-70155

This was my amazing gift for purchasing the whole collection of JulieG's Gum Drop collection. What a great gift right. I know I was so surprised to get more than one item. To order you can go to:

Jessie Girl Cosmetics:

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  1. Pretty Spring colors, nice bonus items!

  2. Wow those are beautiful. I love the crushed candy color and the rock candy! :)

  3. Very pretty colors Jennifer and thank you for sharing. I know what I am going to buy now :)

  4. Pretty My daughter would like them Jice

  5. Came back to take a peak at the colors again. Going to buy some.

  6. Love the colors! Glitter is so hard to remove though!

  7. Going to get some this weekend :)

  8. Sorry if I missed this information, but how many coats did you apply for the pictures above?

  9. I applied 2 coats of polish. Thank you for asking Shay <3