Friday, February 1, 2013

My Inc Subscription Box Inc Makeup Box

I was so excited to find my Wantable Subscription Box in the mailbox. Wantable sent me a complementary box to test out the products and review them.For everyone that is not familiar with the company I will fill you in on this fabulous company and fill you in on what you have been missing. Inc. is a company that sends out monthly boxes that have makeup or jewelry in it. You can subscribe a box for $36 or you have the choice of purchasing a single box for $40.The products that you will get in you box can be worth $80-$100. Dont worry about shipping its free. Its worth every penny if you ask me.You also can choose if you would like to receive the Makeup Box or the Fashion Jewelry box. The makeup Box you can get 4-6 premium makeup products. I got the makeup one of course. The Fashion Jewelry box you can get 3 to 4 jewelry items.The products are specifically picked out for you. Everyone will not get the same products. What you do is take a Beauty Quiz and it lets them know what you like or what you dont like. So this box is customized just for you. If you like to get surprises in the mail this box is for you. I am very pleased with the box I received and I love surprises.(What girl doesnt.) Let me tell you what I received in my Wantable Box.

First off this is what the box looks like when ever you first open it. Everything is very carefully wrapped. I was very pleased that all  my items were intact. The packaging was amazing.It also came with a cute Thank you card.

This is a blush from MiA BelleZZa. It creates a healthy glow on you cheeks. Its a satin pressed formula that last all day.Its a mineral pressed blush. A little bit of this blush goes a long way so be careful not to over apply it. The color of it is absolutely beautiful. This is called Faith This retails for $16.50

I also got these 3 fragrance samples. I really didn't like the smell of them. It smells like something my grandma would wear.So I will be giving these away. 2 of the samples on the right and left are called Sunny Italian Grapefruit from Spadaro. The one in the middle is called Kai. It has a light smell to it but its not for me either. I prefer floral scents. This retails for $.70

This is a lip pencil from Beauty For Real. The color is called The Perfect Pencil Nude . I posted a swatch above. Its a little to dark for me. It does go on smoothly. You can line your lips and apply gloss on top. That would look cute. This retails for $14.00

I  love this polish. This polish is from MyFace Cosmetics. Its a metal chrome polish that is like a warm brown color with some glow. This is perfectly  Its so pretty. Its called LiL" Bling Chrome Nail Polish. Color is( Sp"ice"y ). I think thats a cute name for a polish.This retails for $12.00

This product had no name on it but I found the name on the sheet of paper they sent in the box. Im in love with this. IN LOVE . It is highlighter for your cheeks. Its from Swagger Cosmetics. It is called Rad Bitch.You can also apply this to cheek bones above your blush. Blend a little of this in with your blush whenever you want to have a glow look. Its such a cute shinny shimmer highlighter powder. I have to have more of this. I used it and fell in love with it. I like to put it over my eye shadow. Its perfectly  safe for your eyes. I used a little dab and it covered my whole eye lid. It is very pigmented and shimmery. This one I have is a pink shimmer. I would have to say that this one is my favorite product in the box. This retails for $14.50

This eye shadow is from MyFace Cosmetics. This is a really nice eye shadow trio. The shadow when applied are very pigmented and goes on smooth. I like the colors.I love warm coffee colors. The color is called A Whole Latte Love. The colors do not crease or fade and are not extremely dark when applied. I like this trio because it makes my blue eyes pop. This retails for $32.00

With all that being said, I would defiantly recommend subscribing this box or if you want to try it out you can just purchase a single box with no strings attached .I love all the makeup and my polish .I cant wait to get another one. I also heard that they have awesome customer service. Every time I sent them an email they always replied quickly. I have had no issues with this company and Im very please with them and my Wantable Makeup Box. 

If you would like to try this box out, you can visit the website and I will post the link below:

After you try your box fill me in on what was in your box and let me know how you like it.


  1. My favorite products were the Verhoeven Cheek Candy and Kai Perfume Oil!

  2. This sounds really neat. I love to try new products. I like the eye colors they sent you.

  3. How neat! Have just recently heard about wantable. Looks like they have some nice products. :)

  4. Very nice products! I like that polish. I'd probably wear it as eyeshadow. My preschoolers at school like it when I have shimmery eyes lol.

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog check it out