Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology"


This Is all about the children. About their schools and how all children deserve the best learning conditions and a non-Toxic environment. I know that toxins can cause many cancers and sickness. We all need to take a stand and protect our delicate children, our Future, from any chemical that could harm them. That is why I am participating in the Green School Makeover Competition. I want my children s schools to be made over with non-toxic materials so I know they are getting the best. Wouldn't it be nice if we as parents, grandparents, and teachers would be proud of our schools and kept it Eco Friendly?
Here is a link that can explain in detail how we can help our childrens schools. You can make a difference by entering your childrens school into the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition. Here is a link below to help you start.

Why Green Schools you ask?

When a school goes green, children benefit—as well as the environment! Green schools lead to:
Improved student performance. Children learn alot better with all the natural sunlight. Attendance also improves!Going green also reduces carbon dioxide.Its saves on water, which spending less on water can mean more textbooks and supplies for schools.
Its Not to Late to Enter
Enter the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition from January 1- March 31

Lets all go green and enter this contest to help our children have a better school and learning experience. What are you waiting for. If you would like to learn more here is the website.

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  1. Awesome!! All schools should do this. I'm clicking the link now.