Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream
I am a BzzAgent. What I do is review products that BzzAgent sends me. What they do is post surveys every so often and you fill them out. If you qualify for that certain company's brand then they will send you that product to try out and share samples and coupons with friends and family so everyone can get a chance to experience a great product they might want to buy in the future. All BuzzAgent asks for is our opinion no strings attached. This is how I got my hands on this great product.  
If you have dry or cracked hands then I recommend Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream . The first day I received Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream I had to try it right away. The cream has a clear tent to it. It kind of looks and feels like Vaseline. I applied to it my hands and nails.Once you rub it in I noticed that is feels less like  Vaseline and feels more silky.Not only is this cream for dry skin and nails, You can also use it on your face and also your dry cracked lips. Just a dab of Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream will go a long way at least 200 uses from the 2oz bottle. 

Replace your Ordinary lip balm with Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream. It has a concentrated dose of glycerin.Your lips will feel absolutely amazing and refreshed in no time. This particular cream is Dermatologist Recommended so its good for your skin. 

  • What I did to start off my amazing  Neutrogena manicure was:
  • First apply Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream to my nails
  • Then rub it in till it feels dry and silky
  • Second I apply just a dab on my hand and rub in it real good
  • Next I push my cuticles down since they are nice and soft
  • I apply a little more cream to my fingernails
  • Then I get some nice fingernail polish and apply to my damage free nails
Trust me when I say this. My hands and nails look amazing and your will be too. Try Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream out and tell me what you think. 

There is two different kinds of Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream. There is the original which is scented and the fragrance free for sensitive skin types .

 A suggested retail price of a 2oz tube of Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream is $4.99